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We provide financial support to the start-ups wishing to secure their first funding rounds (pre-seed, seed and series a) to proceed with their acceleration, but also benefit from our vision and network.

Also Tiresias Angels invests in equity in the most ambitious projects by relying on its network of business angels and its partnership with the Angelsquare platform.
We are not acting as a simple investor, we present to you its community of entrepreneurial investors committed to helping you with your Finance-Accounting-Management, HR-Payroll, Sales Administration, Office Management and Legal-Tax issues. Every business faces recruitment challenges, especially in a market where a large number of positions go unfilled every year.
Forget the "One Size Fits All" Tech: We have a long experience in this area and we know the ground reality which will give you a competitive advantage in your development and in the face of competition.
In addition, with our BA network from large groups, we will make sure you save time to talk to good interlocutors to win partnerships or business without wasting time.

A few words of
our entrepreneurs

At AGRIODOR, we fully share the values carried by Tiresias Angels, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Impact. Their support will be decisive in strengthening our investments for pesticide-free agriculture, a healthier world, protected nature and crops.

Joining the Tiresias Angels club is for us the chance to be advised on the recruitment of high potential profiles but also to join an ecosystem of startups at the same stage as us and with the same problems.

We were convinced by the high quality of Tiresias Angels, both at the level of its managers, who are very relevant and of good advice, and at the level of the investors of Tiresias, who have very diversified and high-level skills and experience.

Club Tirésias is a major support for Share My Space. The current portfolio linked to Green Tech and Deeptech naturally matches the profile of Share My Space. This agreement is also part of a long-term vision, to support Share My Space in the growth and organization of its development.

Why Tiresias Angels:

  • The experience: having by our side an investor who knows how to understand the vagaries of a business and take a step back, in particular by putting into perspective the urgent or difficult nature of a situation at a given moment.
  • The network: essential for opening doors, facilitating contacts, or allowing the project to rationally increase in visibility over time.
  • Sharing: discussing directly and between entrepreneurs on the strategy, the medium / long term vision, pooling gray matter to give the project every chance of success.

Tiresias Angels can help us with back office aspects in general, but more specifically with recruitment. In general, I want to set up a quarterly newsletter for our investors in order to indicate the points on which we need a helping hand, and thus ask for the help of our community according to the expertise of each one.

The help of Thierry ANDRIEUX is important on two subjects. Better recruiting, the sinews of war for any business, thanks to its HR expertise. Take height, to maintain the fixed course and not to be absorbed by the emergencies of the daily newspaper.

I'm excited to partner with Thierry Andrieux and the Tiresias angels team on the Yobs journey. Their wealth of experience operating businesses and working with HR stakeholders makes them a great, value-add partner to help grow Yobs in Europe and internationally.

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