Who are we

Network of entrepreneurs and personalities committed to giving meaning to their investments and creating an impact by supporting French technology.
The members of our club are active BA, Men / Women, of all ages, working in all sectors of the economy, CEO, CFO, HR Director, Entrepreneurs, Artists and liberal professions.
Project study is done as a team but each investor chooses freely and independently his or her investment (s).
Network combining friendliness and professionalism, Tiresias Angels wishes both to encourage entrepreneurs to participate in the exciting adventure of "business angels" and to play an active role in business creation by supporting talented entrepreneurs who "dare"! And in a way, entrepreneurship helps reduce social inequalities and put everyone on an equal footing by taking the social ladder.

Our values, our history

Tirésias Angels was launched by Thierry ANDRIEUX and a group of Entrepreneurs, in 2020 with the support of Angelsquare.
Tiresias is one of the most famous diviners of Greek mythology. Blind, he sees himself endowed with gifts of clairvoyance, unparalleled longevity and experiences both sexes. From divinatory art to investment, from legendary journeys to entrepreneurial adventure ... there is sometimes only one step.
Tiresias Angels works to select promising companies and advise the best choices to the women and men who run them. For this purpose, we bring together diverse profiles with inspiring backgrounds and rich experiences present in the traditional financial world of Business Angels to encourage and promote entrepreneurship.

The differentiation of Tiresias Angels is expressed around four axes:


Conceiving entrepreneurship as a voluntary and collective action with the capacity to redistribute the cards for a more equitable future, we are also committed to giving everyone the best possible chance of success!


We are looking for entrepreneurs who embody values and a strong desire to transform their industry and our society while respecting individuals and the environment.


the entrepreneur(s) must offer an innovative product or service.


Many entrepreneurs dream of success. Our journeys have taught us that it can only be achieved after a succession of introspections and moments of listening

Experienced investors come together to select and support promising startups

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