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Tiresias Angels brings together financial, HR experts, entrepreneurs and managers in search of investment opportunities on specific sectors such as Greentech, Deeptech, Gaming and all projects with a strong impact on life. job.

Investment strategy

The TIRESIS Club advocates a thesis of "Smart Money" (gather several qualitative actors around 10K€ tickets, to become Power Users engaged in the company's growth service) and invests:

  • In Seed and Series A
  • tickets between 100K€ and 300K€

Club without Management Fees with Carried Interest

Joining Tiresias Angels, you can:

  • Have access to quality early-stage projects, pre-selected upstream,
  • Access and co-invest with us
  • Join a network of committed BAs whose ambition is to play an active role in the French economy of tomorrow
  • Benefit from support and training in investing in startups that are unique on the market
  • Become familiar with the various legislative, fiscal and regulatory measures relating to investments

You are ready to

Make a commitment to have invested a minimum of 20-50K€ each year.
Respect our philosophy and confidentiality of the files that will be presented to you